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Obecný úrad Tichý Potok
082 74 Brezovica nad Torysou

Tel.: 051/ 459 12 40
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Sabinov

Microregion: Hornotorysský

First written mention: 1428

Height above sea level: 520 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 361

Sufrace of cadaster: 844 ha


In the beautiful surroundings of Levočské vrchy, in the valley of Torysa, there is situated a picturesque village Tichý Potok. Its land is very rangy. The first written document is from 1427. Greek Catholic Church of Saint Mother of Good belongs to the most distinguished monuments of the village. It was built in the half of the 14th century and later went through many rebuildings from which the most remarkable were done in 19th century. To the cultural sightseeing belong also original stone measles. The primary clerical school functions in the community. Several blockhouses in Tichý Potok were saved. People are keeping their ruthenian traditions through dance and music. Until today, visitors of Tichý Potok can watch the live carpet or clapboard making. The region of Horná Torysa is full of natural wonders. Tichý Potok belongs to one of the original touristic places good for wanderings around the land. CHPO Bišár is frequently visited. 


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