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Mestský úrad Svidník
Sov. Hrdinov 200/33
089 01 Svidník

Tel.: 054/752 1098
Fax: 054/752 2394
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Svidník


First written mention: 1355

Height above sea level: 225 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 12237

Sufrace of cadaster: 2020 ha


Svidník town expands in Nízke Beskydy, on junction of Ondava and Ladomírka rivers. Today territory of Svidník was settled already in eneolit. Ancient Amber road went through this town. At medieval times a castle stood on near hillock. First written mention of Svidník comes from 1355. It was built on the basis of purchasing right and by reason of geographic conditions it developed as two settlements – Nižný Svidník and Vyšný Svidník. At 1944 they merged and 20 years later Svidník have won the town status. Presently it is administrative, economical and cultural centre of the region. In the town you can see several religious buildings. Greek Catholic Cathedral of God’s wisdom together with Chapel of St. Paraskieva was built in second half of 18th century in late-baroque style. Classicistic Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Saint Virgin’s Birth arose at the turn of 18th to 19th century. Also Orthodox and Roman Catholic faithful residents have their own tabernacles. Difficult period of II. World War violated Svidník town too. History of world wars is presented in Historical Military Museum. Monument of Soviet Army stands up above Svidník – it is modern national historic landmark. It was built on the place where 9000 soldiers killed in Dukla’s pass fights rest in peace. Svidník is known centre of Ukrainian- Ruthenian culture in Slovakia. Yearly already since 1956 Culture celebrations of Ukrainians-Ruthenians in Slovakia take place here. Branch office of Slovak national museum is also present – Museum of Ukrainian culture that includes also outdoor museum and Gallery of Dezider Milly. Visitors of the town appreciate good services in the sphere of tourism. Attractive place in summer is bathing establishment – water world located in the direction of Bardejov. In this area you can find several pools with heated water, sports facilities and catering establishments. In Svidník is also ice area and good conditions for tennis, soccer and other classical types of sports. Visitors of the town have wide scale of accommodation and catering facilities available. Thanks to border position, big part of tourists in Svidník is coming from Poland.


Štvrtok, 18. apríl 2019

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