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Štvrtok, 13. december 2018

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Commentary to Videopresentation

   Prešov is situated on the confluence of rivers Torysa and Sekčov. On the eastern side it is surrounded by mountains Slanské vrchy and the upland Šarišská vrchovina surrounds it on the west. Prešov is the third largest city in Slovakia. It has four cadastral parts: Prešov, Šalgovník, Solivar and Nižná Šebastová. The very first written reference to Prešov is from 1247. In 1299 the king Ondrej III. grants royal franchises to the city. The establishment of evangelistic advisory board in 1667 undoubtably belongs to the most significant parts of the history of Prešov. The dominant of the city is the Cathedral of St. Mikuláš. This cathedral was built in 1320 on fundamentals of the original church. In the interior is a baroque altar of St. Mikuláš with well-preserved gothic closet. Many people say that the house of Bosák is the most beautiful subcelestial building. A bank is settled there in present. The Evangelistic temple of the St. Trinity is one of a few renaissance temples in Slovakia. It was built during the reformation. Greek Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist arised from an interconnection of original gothic church and Minoritan monastery. It was rebuilt in 18th century in baroque style into present look. The organic part of Greek Catholic church complex and other buildings presents the Biskupian palace that arose from the old minoritan monastery. To the historical monuments belongs also a medieval town hall. In present there also settles the unique Wine Museum. The Caraff panopticon, ending of todays´ town hall, is a building from later gothic period from the beginning of 16th century. It is on of the few well-preserved gothical monuments in Prešov. Jewish synagogue as a well-built sacral building in maurian style with many oriental elements. was built in 1898 following the project of the synagogue in Tokaj town. Neptune´s fountain is the only original town cistern that is well-preserved. The sculpture of Neptune was built at the beginning of 19th century on the inducement of a jewish tradesman. Prešov will be impress visitors by many other historical sightseeings. Admittedly, Prešov is not just an administrative centre of Saris region, but also a cultural mekka.  



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