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Obecný úrad Nižná Voľa 30
086 21 Lukavica

Tel.: 054/479 7234
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Region: Bardejov

Microregion: Sekčov-Topľa

First written mention: 1382

Height above sea level: 270 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 287

Sufrace of cadaster: 717 ha


Village Nižná Voľa lies in Nízke Beskydy. It is part of microregion Sekčov-Topľa. Settlement here was established by village originator at 14th century. In first written mention from 1382 it is named as Jakubová Poruba. The village had agricultural character; it was ownership of several yeomen’s families. Nižná Voľa in its history enjoyed biggest expansion at years 1973-1989. In this time also basic school, house of culture and farmyard was built. National historic landmark – Church of the Virgins’ Birth – was originated at 1820. It serves Roman Catholic as well as Greek Catholic faithful inhabitants. Dignified final farewell is provided in new House of Hope. Today Nižná Voľa is home for almost 300 people. Biggest investment of previous years was regulation of watercourse Černošina. Sports are supported in new sports facility. One of traditional actions is cultural-sporting day yearly every July. 


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