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Obecný úrad Lipovce 92
082 36 Lipovce

Tel.: 051/ 758 17 87
Fax: 051/ 758 17 87
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Region: Prešov


First written mention: 1320

Height above sea level: 587 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 506

Sufrace of cadaster: 2238 ha

Side: Lipovce, Lačnov

Villages Lipovce and Lačnov were both established approximately in 13th century. Their common history started to be written only in last few years because of fast decrease in resident population of Lačnov. The villages stretch in the valley of the creek Lipovský potok, which flows on the border of Branisko mountains to Šariš Highlands. The first written record of Lipovce is dated to 1320. The sacral dominant in the part Lipovce is a Roman Catholic church consecrated to Saint George and built in 1663. The original Gothic style was modified by rebuilding to renaissance style.. The shrine was built in 1882. You can find a Greek Catholic church in Lačnov. This part of the village interests many visitors because of the mountain village traditions, which people living there preserved. Many of the dwelling houses are considered as our cultural heritage. Thanks to typical mountainous character of the village, the travel movement nowadays develops very well. In cadastre of the village, exactly in the part of the creek Lačnov we can find a Nature reserve Kamenná baba. Mineral water Salvator, which springs here, is well known also abroad. Wallflower about its healing powers lead to establishment of spa in 17th century. To tourist attractions in this area also belongs an accessible Cave Zlá Džura. One of the famous personalities coming from this village is Ján Andraščík, national awakener. There is a memorial built in his observance.



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