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Obecný úrad Hunkovce 81
090 03 Ladomírová

Tel.: 054/759 3315

Region: Svidník

Microregion: Ladomírka, pod Duklou

First written mention: 1548

Height above sea level: 310 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 335

Sufrace of cadaster: 696 ha


Hunkovce village extends in northern part of Nízke Beskydy. First written mention of the village comes from 1548. In medieval times it was part of Makovica manor. Predominantly Ruthenian population left cultural sleeks also in the pastness. The most precious of them is wooden Greek Catholic Cathedral of Saint Virgin’s Decease from the end of 18th century. During II. World War it was damaged. Presently it not used for divine services but despite it this Cathedral is considered to be big tourist attraction. Rare icons of the Cathedral are part of Museum of Šariš collection in Bardejov. Last reconstruction of the Cathedral was done in nineties. There is also new church in the village that was built up in pseudo-Byzantine baroque style at 1931. War events are commemorated by cemetery from I. World War and German army cemetery from II. World War. Almost 3000 German soldiers rest in peace here. This place was reconstructed and consecrated at 1995 in evidence of Christian reconciliation. Hunkovce village is one of the villages with good civic facilities, several service companies are here. Thanks to not a few natural and cultural landmarks the area of tourism is developed in the village.


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