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Obecný úrad Hervartov 84
086 22 Kľušov

Tel.: 054/472 3760
Fax: 054/488 1198
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Bardejov

Microregion: Sekčov Topľa

First written mention: 1406

Height above sea level: 420 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 514

Sufrace of cadaster: 987 ha


Hervartov village lies on eastern slope of Čergov mountains. First written mention of the village comes from 1406, but Hervartov probably originated already at 11th century. At medieval times it was part of manor Hertník, later of Bardejov town. At 17th century glass factory originated here what showed also in motive of general symbols. Hervartov is living jewel of Šariš traditional culture. In the past except of agriculture also several crafts were successful, especially carpentry, sheeping, troughing and shingling. Shingles from Hervartov covered roofs of houses in wide surrounding, mainly in medieval Bardejov. High-quality split shake is produced in Hervartov up to the present day and there are not just a few orders. Religious dominant of the village is Roman Catholic Church sacrificed to St. Francis from Asissi. Timber gothic building date back to 15th century and its architecture is well-kept till today. Church have been declared national historic landmark and it was included into list of worldwide cultural heritage UNESCO. Also several timber strew buildings from the beginning of 20th century are well-kept in the village. In the past they served for grain storage but also today they prove suitable storage areas. The biggest construction expansion in the village was noticed at half of 20th century when basic school was built and nursery school was reconstructed. At that time also new house of culture and firehouse grew up. In nineties modern church started to be built-up. New Roman Catholic cathedral is sacrificed to godlike Jesus Heart. House of Hope is part of it. Currently building of new cultural-administrative centre of Hervartov is going to be finished. Thanks to several cultural curiosities in the village and natural beauties in its surroundings Hervartov orientates itself to tourism development. In cooperation with Prešov’s autonomous region the Tourism services object originated here. Inhabitants of Hervartov are known to have active relation to sport and culture. Several civil associations act here to help to keep traditions as well as to develop new trends in sport and cultural area.       


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