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About Šariš region
Šariš Šariš

The region of Šariš was an Ugrian district in the past. It neighbours with Poland on north, western borders of the region frames Špišská župa district, on east it neighbours with Zemplínska župa district and on south with the district Abovsko-turnianska župa. The Šariš region is formed by river basins Torysa, Topľa and Ondava. Also rivers Poprad and Hornád flow through the land. Šarišská vrchovina is set on southwest. The highest hill of the region is Minčol (1 157 m of altitude) of Čergov mountain chain. Historical centre of Šariš was Šariš castle , from 1647 it is Prešov . Documents from the 11th century prove that Šariš was a part of Ugrian. This land was not marked by Turkish plunder. Mostly Slovak etnicum was after Walachian colonisation in the 15th century replenished with Ruthenian and Ukrainian . In 1918 Šariš becomes a part of Czechoslovakia. Nowadays, the land is a part of Prešov region.
ŠarišIn this region is mostly Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic religion. To the most visited districts belong Bardejov , which is listed in UNESCO list of world cultural heritage, and also Prešov – the centre of the region. In the region there are some castle complexes. These are mostly ruins. Among the most characteristic monuments of Šariš belong wooden churches . During the summer, the most visited place is water basin Domaša . Beautiful natural sceneries, cultural monuments, specific folklor with Ruthenian elements altogether with an increasing level of tourist services, are promises for pleasant enjoying of time.
Šariš Šariš Šariš Šariš

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